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Hello everyone!

Due to my difficult life situation, I have to take extreme measures. Almost exactly a year ago I was fired (well, ┬áthe case is much more complicated and most likely the NDA still forbids me to talk about it) and was unemployed. I decided to take advantage of the suddenly freed-up time to finish my studies at the university, besides, I was paid unemployment benefits for a while. Now I got my new diploma and still can not find a permanent job. I have a historical education, but I worked and still work as a freelancer in the game development industry. Unfortunately, freelance is barely paying for my food and it’s not permanent.

My two projects, upon which I pinned my hopes, are now faltering due to the need to financially invest in them myself, as well as the lack of advertising. However, the second one still has good potential.

As a hobbyist, I’m interested in military history, various unusual technical projects, and recently the period of the First World War. I like to share knowledge, articles and just interesting images on such topics, I believe that they should be distributed as freely as possible. My first blog was started in Russian, so therefore, I created this blog, which you are now reading, especially for the English-speaking audience and my foreign friends.

If you like this blog and what I do, you can donate any amount of money via PayPal. I will be very grateful to you for your support and this will help to find and spread more interesting materials.

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