My name is Maxim Krylov, I live in Russia and have a master’s degree in history. I have long been fascinated by military history, specifically weapons and technology. In the course of my research, I have found a lot of interesting and unusual things. I and my small team of like-minded people are very passionate about military history and we decided to make this blog to share interesting findings with others.

So far, this blog is dedicated to the Great War and the interwar period. I do not pretend to have a high level of presentation, or a professorial degree of knowledge (hence the title «Armchair history»), but I will adhere to a commitment to make quality content. In the future, the subject of the blog can be expanded, new authors could also be added in the future.

I have a personal blog in Livejournal, where I first make my entries in Russian. This blog contains the same entries for an English-speaking audience, so there will be a small time gap due to the need for time to translate new entries.

I wish you pleasant reading, please be polite in comments. This blog prohibits any form of discrimination.

Our current team:
* Maxim Krylov (me);
* Connor Douglas aka Mindtraveller;
* Ki McKenzie aka ComradeCrimson.